UMT’s endowment is an alternative source of funding that maintains the teaching and research mission of the university. It represents funds raised through donations, profits from strategic investments and other internal sources for the purpose of academic and research activities. UMT Endowment Fund is strictly an Islamic endowment, meaning all donations are deposited and/or invested in Shariah-compliant investments only. In similar vein, all funds are distributed for Shariah-compliant purposes only.

UMT Endowment Fund Info

o UMT ``Dermasiswa Endowment`` is a financial assistance that is given to UMT students.
o This financial assistance is given to support education need and living cost of students.
o It is offered to all registered UMT students, including the new students.
o This fund is distributed every semester.
o The amount of financial assistance is subject to the period of study at UMT.